Cara Mudah Live Streaming Game di Youtube
Selain bermain, ada cara lain yang bisa dilakukan untuk menikmati sebuah game. Salah satunya adalah dengan menonton live streaming game. Bagi para penonton, mereka akan bisa menonton secara langsung game yang sedang dimainkan. Sedangkan untuk orang yang sedang melakukan live streaming alias streamer, mereka akan mendapatkan audiens sekaligus orang-orang yang akan menemaninya ketika bermain game. Bagi kamu yang ingin […]
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What Is The Future Of Enterprise Internet?
Given the rate in which technology evolves and, and given that the next wave of infrastructure revolution is upon us with 5G, it’s useful to know the direction that enterprise Internet will be heading, particularly considering that these trends will be unavoidable for all enterprises – the Internet has become so fundamental to the way that we work that there’s no turning back now.
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Six Tips To Make Your Mobile Phone Your Primary Work Device
If you use your personal phone to access sensitive documents, you could potentially expose them to unwanted eyeballs. Likewise, if you use your mobile hotspot to access the company network, what you’ll be doing is less secure than is ideal. It’s a good idea to provide work mobile phones to employees with decent data allowances so that they can use them for work purposes, while also giving you control over the apps that are installed on that device, and what people can use the phone to access. With strict policies, mobile use can be as secure as any other way of accessing the business networks.
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